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Aluminum Window Crete

With more than 46 years of experience a company with numerous features.

MATHIOUDAKIS Company is now one of the leading door and window manufacturing companies in Greece, based in Chania, with 27 delivery points and specialized employees. This allows us to guarantee a high and fast production volume.


Our company has a wide range of windows and doors from the largest aluminum companies. energy and pvc frames in Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Sitia, Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra, Karpathos, Kasos, Kos. Rhodes, Santorini, Kethyra, Antikithira. Delivery of frames throughout Crete and Greece.

Window and Door Frames

Window and Door Frames - U-pvc

Experience, creativity and cutting-edge expertise defining technical standards to create perfection in window automation. The Mathioudakis Company has handled all types of window opening and operation systems with over 400 patents, large market presence and numerous utility models such as plastic pvc window, aluminum window, windows in pvc, windows in PVC-aluminium, wood-aluminium windows, anti-vandal window, insulating glass window, double window, economic windows and windows accessories.

Window and Door Frames

Window and Door Frames - Aluminium

Adapting to the growing need for perfect sliding systems, for very large openings that are easy to operate, with stability. In addition, they offer the possibility of very easy access to the outdoors with various options. ELVIAL in sliding systems has designed ELVIAL 6700, an excellent system that allows maximum penetration of sunlight. The uniform flawless glass view without unnecessary frames allows for a unique sense of freedom and integration of the interior, and a successful application of construction to the outdoor landscape.

Shuters aluminium

Shuters aluminium - U-pvc and - Shades

Rolls with various lengths and sizes, with high tear resistance, great tensile strength, suitable for home and business use. The Mathioudakis Company has rolls of many types, simple, aluminum, solid, heavy duty, high-perforation, heat-shrinkable, single-motion, crank, motor, rain sensor, wind, light, remote command choice.


Mosquito nets (screens)

Glass mosquito nets designed for the retention of most normal sized flying insect mosquitoes, also preventing flies, wasps, bees ... etc. With multiple applications to block the passage of insects. Available is the third-generation glass in variant combinations of thermo-permeability.

All types of aluminium and u-pvc doors

All types of aluminium and u-pvc doors

Aiming always for top quality, The Mathioudakis company has the ideal door systems for your home and impressive entrance doors, with a variety of items to choose and produce. To match with your modern or classis property, colorful or single color, made with the finest materials STYLETECH has a wide product range, with pvc doors, iron doors, aluminum doors, wood interior doors, economic doors, front door, sliding door, security doors, armored doors, fire doors single and double.

Iron Railing

Iron Railing - For Indoors And Outdoors

Why are our Mathioudakis verandas with railing unique? Thanks to the perfectly insulated structure, balconies give you extra space, to be used both when the sun is shining and it is snowing outside and when. Our years of experience serve to guarantee high quality standards and balconies that are durable and extremely resistant such as balcony and fencing rails Ipo and Aluminum in light designs and applications.

Special Constructions Aluminum

Special Constructions Aluminum - Iron - Pvc.

Sliding and VW PASK-type systems in every door and window frame are essential, due to their advanced features and design, with the most sophisticated frames in these particular models. The shape, dimensions, glass and frame characteristics, the opening and closing mechanism are all factors that help optimize the flow of light from the outside to the interior. We always try to add new products to our range of aluminium constructions, such as anti-vandal series, anti-theft security doors, shutters, railing, patios, pergolas, lofts and automations.

Energy Glass Panels - Glass Doors, Glass Constructions

Energy Glass Panels - Glass Doors, Glass Constructions

In glazed windows we have sound insulating glass with high noise reduction (Rw). In terms of acoustic insulation, the windows and other openings of the building are the weakest part of the exterior lining of a building. Today, the sound insulation needs, have become more than imperative, particularly in the noise-drenched areas of city centers. The multi-layer glass we use as a company can be divided into different glass categories: double glazing, top plus glass, silverstar energy Neutral - double, triple, and quadruple glazing, bioclean and colored glass.

Aluminum Window
About us

The Mathioudakis Company, born in 1977 by Mathioudakis Antonis and his family, because of their great experience gained in Greece and in Crete, with high-quality products capable of meeting an increasingly demanding and attentive clientele and always using ultra-modern technology. With great passion and determination, the company reach amazing goals and become a pioneer in windows and doors. Some of the products developed are frames in synthetic aluminium, plastic pvc windows, pvc doors, aluminum window, aluminum doors, anti-vandal window, insulating glass window, solid heavy dury roll, aluminium roller, polyiethane roller, pvc roller, wood-aluminium windows, double windows, front doors, sliding doors and more.



Every company is born to achieve a goal and ours has been and continues to be the same. To produce only finest products such as aluminum doors, economic windows, pvc roller, etc! Our dedication to the products and services is a kind of appeal that leads us to want to produce beautiful frames suitable for every type of architectural solution durable with time. With over 46 years of experience and modern window and door framing technology, we produce high quality products that create value for our customers while reducing costs, such as economic windows and doors, blind systems, mosquito nets, sliding doors, double window and window accessories. The constant need to be attentive to the customers’ needs is the best way to satisfy any difficult demand for our products.

Aluminum Window Crete

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Windows for energy saving: what to consider?

With a triple insulating glass, for example, you can save up to 900 liters of fuel at home. Insulation and airtightness. Resistance to water filtration. Resistance to wind stress. Thermal insulation.

Door frames with incredible sound insulation

Decreasing the dithering depth of the outside noise of a frame or window depends on the frame material, the thickness of the window, the type of glazing, and the connection to the masonry. In MATHIOUDAKIS COMPANY, after many tests, we have been able to build windows with maximum sound insulation and sound protection.

Unbreakable window systems

Unbreakable window systems

The Mathioudakis company thorax has been specially designed for the two-leaf and single-leaf sliding doors of your home, doors and windows that open, providing maximum seamless security. The purpose of the interventions and construction is to keep the thieves out of your home with just one move.







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